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students tutoring, Center for Academic Success, Berkeley College

Berkeley Center for Academic Success Offers Helpful Student Services



students tutoring, Center for Academic Success, Berkeley College


The transition to college-level work can be intimidating. Students often need assistance with coursework and various academic skills. Reaching out for help early is critical for students to keep on track—not only with their programs of study, but with the skills that will be required in the professional world. That’s where Berkeley College’s Center for Academic Success comes in, as it was created specifically to help address these important issues.

The Center for Academic Success provides a variety of student services and resources to help individuals get a better grasp of their current assignments and to help improve study skills moving forward. A Center for Academic Success is located at each Berkeley campus, and resources and services are also provided online.

The Centers offer on-site tutoring in most courses, as well as in course navigation and other computer-related skills, along with general academic skills. Students can schedule a session to work on study skills, develop a study plan, or get help reviewing materials from a particular class in 45-minute one-on-one or small group sessions. Centers also provide additional study groups, drop-in hours, and late-night tutoring at various times during the semester.

Students can also take advantage of programs designed to help with specific skill areas.

WriteAID provides students with feedback and criticism on writings for their classes, typically within a few days of submitting their work for review. With the help of this program, many students have been able to improve their writing skills, which often leads to improved work in class.

Speakeasy is a program offered at the Center to assist students with the daunting task of public speaking, an essential skill in many career fields. Students present ideas for presentations, speeches, and other projects, then receive helpful feedback from trained professionals on ways of improving their presentation skills.

Students also visit the Center to:

  • Develop effective study and learning strategies
  • Review material from class
  • Practice a concept or skill
  • Work and study in a supportive environment
  • Learn about Canvas, e-text, or other computer-related issues
  • Practice a presentation for class
  • Work with a study group
  • Prepare for tests or quizzes
  • Brainstorm, outline, draft, or revise a writing assignment
  • Identify resources that can assist when completing course assignments
  • Become more confident in approaching future assignments


The Center for Academic Success is staffed by professional and peer tutors. Professional tutors are typically full- or part-time staff and faculty, while peer tutors are Berkeley students who have earned an A or B+ in the courses that they tutor, and are recommended by their professors.

There’s no additional charge for Berkeley students at the Center for Academic Success. Referrals are not required and the Center works with students at every stage of their academic careers—from first-year undergraduates through those pursuing M.B.A. degrees.

Check our website to find the Center for Academic Success at your campus. You can schedule an appointment or just drop in anytime. They’re happy to help you on your path to greater academic and professional achievement.