Credit For Prior Learning

What is Prior Learning?

Learning does not only take place in the halls of academia. Adult learners bring to the classroom many years of learning through diverse experiences in life and in the workplace. Some of these experiences may be counted towards college-level work through prior learning credits.

Prior Learning is defined as documented college-level learning acquired through previous study or through non-classroom experiences such as:

  • Travel
  • Volunteer work
  • Independent acquisition of knowledge
  • Participation in formal courses sponsored by associations, business, government, industry, the military, and unions
  • Participation in certification programs and professional development courses

Only documented, college-level learning will be awarded college credit. Credit is granted for learning from experience, not for experience alone. Students must complete the last 25 percent of the credits required for their degree in residence at Berkeley College.

Detailed information is available in the Credit for Prior Learning Guide.

For further information about Prior Learning at Berkeley College, call 800-446-5400 ext. CPL or contact the Office of Prior Learning Assessment at

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