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 New York City Campus Operating Officer Ted Havelka

Spotlight on: New York City Campus Operating Officer Ted Havelka



 New York City Campus Operating Officer Ted Havelka


Berkeley College Campus Operating Officers (COOs) at the New Jersey and New York campuses, plus Berkeley College Online®, have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to, overseeing day-to-day operations, finances, student and staff retention, space management, community outreach, and monitoring training and professional development programs.

At each campus, there are always new challenges and new opportunities. Though the needs vary, the COOs all agree that they love mentoring, coaching, and discovering the potential in their students.

New York City Midtown Campus Operating Officer Ted Havelka discusses being inspired by student success and the unique opportunities of studying in New York City.

What kinds of skills have you learned or developed since coming to Berkeley College?

Berkeley College has provided opportunity and experience in leading teams and motivating students. Every day I learn something new since I get to work with students from all over the country and world. Some are experiencing New York City for the first time. Others are New Yorkers learning a new skill and changing careers. And some are veterans training for the civilian workforce. Every day I learn something from my amazing students and their experiences.

How is your Berkeley College campus unique?

The Berkeley College New York City campus is unique in that it’s at the crossroads of the world, just steps away from cultural landmarks like the New York Public Library and Times Square. The College is surrounded by some of the most powerful and dynamic businesses in the world.

Only in New York can you grab a bagel from Grand Central Terminal, walk a few minutes to class, and attend your fashion internship on Madison Avenue, all in the same day. Whatever your career path may be, it can be found and accomplished in NYC. What I feel sets our campus apart is the people. The NYC campus prides ourselves on personal attention and support, as well as having students from all over the globe. Be it professionally or personally, Berkeley College in NYC offers opportunities that can be found nowhere else in the world.

What excites you about your job?

The students!

What or who inspires you? Who are your role models or mentors?

Student success inspires me. Hearing about a student who gets an internship at the Showtime Network or one who gets a promotion in the surgical department at White Plains Hospital are the things that make me smile and that I talk about on the weekends.

What advice do you have for prospective students/current students/graduates?

Say yes to opportunities. Show up, be up, and have fun. Do things that challenge you and see how you do. My first role at Berkeley College was giving classroom workshops to high school students. That experience helped develop skills that I use today to lead the team that is here to help students succeed.

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