ePortfolios are a convenient record of your academic accomplishments, projects, and extracurricular activities


Students will create and maintain an archive of their work throughout their time at Berkeley, saving one or more projects per class and documenting selected student development, community, and job experiences.


Students will create and develop an academic ePortfolio by selecting pieces of their work (convincing evidence of learning) to document their progress on specific learning goals. Career-related materials such as cover letters and a resume will also be part of the archive and ePortfolio. The process of choosing “convincing evidence of learning” teaches analysis and self-evaluation.


Beginning in their second year, students will make an ePortfolio presentation at least once per year, talking to an instructor, Career Services associate, or Student Development and Campus Life associate about their learning and future careers. Students will answer a challenging question (similar to a question they may be asked in a job interview) by talking about their learning and showing pieces of work that document what they claim.


As students near graduation, they will create a presentation ePortfolio to show to prospective employers. A presentation ePortfolio includes a few very carefully selected pieces of work that show capabilities related to job requirements and may be shared electronically or in hard copy.