Top Ten Reasons to Return

10. Secure Your Future and Complete Your Degree — Invest in your education. It is never too late to return to school to complete the degree you want. Having a degree may increase your opportunities for employment. Many employers only hire college graduates.

9. A Better Lifestyle — You owe it to yourself. College graduates make substantially more money than those who graduate only from high school.

8. Enhance Your Personal Interests — What can be better than making a living doing something you love?

7. Expand Your Opportunities — Career Services provides lifetime career assistance to Berkeley College graduates*!

6. Greater Knowledge — Completing your program at Berkeley College can enhance your ability to think creatively, improve your current skills, increase your critical thinking, and improve your overall communication skills.

5. Flexibility to Complete Your Program — Choose a schedule that works best for you. Day, evening/weekend, and online classes are available to give you some flexibility in your personal schedule.

4. A Supportive Faculty — Caring instructors with relevant professional experience.

3. Financial Assistance — Berkeley College makes earning your degree affordable. More than $45 million in Berkeley College institutional aid was provided to qualified students during the 2017-2018 award year.

2. Reconnect with Berkeley and Build Your Networks — Returning to Berkeley College can help you build both your social and professional networks. See what is new with Berkeley clubs, organizations, and sport teams!

1. NOW is the Time to Come Back! — There is still time to register for classes!


*while the College is in operation