Berkeley Today Stories

graphic design students in classroom
October 24, 2023
New program Chair Julia Hutchinson discusses the state of graphic design industry and exciting new developments in the Berkeley College Graphic Design program.
Berkeley College students Vanessa and Danielle.
December 12, 2022
In spring of 2019, Berkeley College students Vanessa Guzman and Danielle O’Neill both happened to be enrolled in an elective course, “Addiction and Obsession.” They became project partners and built a friendship during the semester. The two went on a few outings together outside of Berkeley as friends and instantly felt an unbreakable connection. Saddened by the semester coming to an end and thinking they would no longer see each other weekly; they both checked their schedules for the upcoming semester. Lo and behold, they were placed in not one, but two additional electives together, “Advances Writing” and “Forensic Psychology.”
berkeley student in front to a computer
September 8, 2021
Graphic design is a diverse, creative field that uses visuals to communicate ideas and solve problems. Since it tackles a wide variety of challenges, graphic design can be loosely divided into eight different, but often overlapping fields. At Berkeley College, you'll be exposed to each of these fields as you build the skills to become a successful and impactful designer.
Graphic Design student working in front of computer
March 10, 2021
While numerous industries have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many areas of the graphic design field are thriving. “There are freelance opportunities, particularly in the New York/New Jersey area,” said Carlos Cruz, Chair of the Graphic Design programs at Berkeley College. “Businesses across all areas are in need of new kinds of promotion and support, creating demand for skilled graphic design professionals.”
Male student sitting at computer in design lab
March 2, 2020
Jonathan Moran had always been interested in art. Even at a young age, the resident of Passaic, NJ could always be found drawing. When his high school introduced a new art program that involved a computer lab, his passion continued. Then, as luck would have it, a presentation by Berkeley College got him thinking that this lifelong passion could become a career.
Aiyana Figueroa
June 14, 2019
Creativity was in the cards for Aiyana Figueroa. With a lifelong passion for art, she always envisioned that it would remain an important part of her future. We recently spoke with the self-taught painter and fine artist who chose to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Berkeley College.