Berkeley Today Stories

Elizabeth Rosario at Honors Dinner
June 21, 2019
Graduate of ’10, Elizabeth Rosario shares her experience of returning to Berkeley College for her M.B.A. in Management. Since earning her Master’s degree, Elizabeth works as a Marketing Communications Manager.
Eric Silvani and MBA Graduates
May 25, 2018
Since earning his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Eric Silvani had always planned on pursuing a graduate degree, but between a busy career and a growing family, the husband and father of three simply didn’t think it was possible. The solution, however, was closer than he imagined.
Manuel Deleon at Commencement
January 31, 2018
The Newark, NJ native first earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before becoming part of the first graduating class from the Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies when he received his Master of Business Administration degree (M.B.A.) in Management.