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image of a justice hammer
April 22, 2022
For many years, the Legal Studies degree programs have been among the most popular at Berkeley College. We recently spoke with practicing professionals, as well as current students, alumni, and professors—all of whom offered overwhelming testimony to the strengths of the program and the potential for careers in this exciting field. Berkeley offers programs leading to Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Legal Studies, as well as a range of shorter-term certificate programs concentrated on the paralegal profession and other law-related areas. Programs are offered at Berkeley campuses in New York City and Newark, Woodbridge, and Woodland Park, New Jersey, and online.
Amal and El Mehdi Bendriss
September 3, 2018
For some students, family can serve as a great motivator when working toward attaining a degree. For El Mehdi Bendriss, his mother’s enrollment was his motivation to pursue a degree in Legal Studies. Today, the honors student is incredibly devoted to his studies and has been featured on the President’s list for the past two semesters along with his mother, Amal Bendriss.
Samantha Chase
June 1, 2018
Samantha Chase is already a working professional, but that hasn’t stopped her from focusing on her future career. At age 27, she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies at the Berkeley College School of Professional Studies, and will apply to law schools later this year, with plans to make an impact in the environmental arena.