Student and Career Services

Your Berkeley College education will consist of much more than class work. Many different services are offered to you.

Focus on your success—from the day you arrive and throughout your career

Career Services will work closely with you right from the beginning, helping you choose a career path and preparing you to enter the professional world. They’ll assist with resume and interview preparation and help identify opportunities that fit your goals. Berkeley graduates are eligible for lifetime career assistance*.

Round out and enhance your learning experience

From multicultural activities that help prepare you for the global workplace to community service opportunities where you can put your talent to work for great causes, Berkeley truly encourages lifelong learning and involvement.

Assist you in getting the most from your studies

A comprehensive range of student support services and student resources are available to you. Never hesitate to reach out for help—from navigating the collections of our libraries to free tutoring, counseling, and more.

Provide opportunities for socialization, recreation, networking, leadership, and more

A wide range of clubs, athletics, organizations, and activities allow you to connect with and benefit from an extremely diverse student body. Whatever your interests, goals, or strengths, there’s no excuse to not be involved!

We encourage you to explore these chances to engage with the Berkeley community and expand your horizons as you prepare for the future. In addition to the Student and Career Services listed here, be sure to check for other activities and events available at your campus.

*while the College is in operation

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