Center for Global Studies

Center for Global Studies Global Etiquette Seminar The foundation of a Berkeley College education is to prepare students for personal and professional success by delivering academic programs and student experiences important to the markets we serve. Recognizing that our graduates will build their professional careers in a highly integrated global environment, Berkeley College established the Center for Global Studies in January 2011 to serve as a vehicle for enhancing the spirit of globalism in our curriculum and in our student and faculty experiences.

Center for Global Studies Global Etiquette Seminar attendees Berkeley College believes that effective learning and professional development occur through pedagogies that combine academic and experiential learning. Learning is indeed a social process! The opportunities for social and cultural interaction amongst diverse international communities go a long way to reinforce and deepen our understanding of our global society. Based on this premise the Center is committed to developing innovative avenues for our students and faculty to effectively interact with the larger global community, enhancing opportunities to directly experience other cultures, and fostering a much stronger sense of our global involvement.

Going forward, the Center will pursue several areas for development and international cooperation to contribute to the globalization of Berkeley College:

  • Partner with faculty and provide coordination for the development of new and enhanced courses on social, political, environmental, and business consequences of globalization
  • Partner with faculty and provide coordination for college activities that simulate discussions and participative learning of global issues and events
  • Collaborate with foreign colleges and universities for teaching, learning, and research
  • Develop new study abroad opportunities for our students
  • Develop associations with various institutions for international service learning

Please contact the Center for more information on our activities.

Dr. Dorothy Minkus-McKenna
Director, Center for Global Studies