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Berkeley College summer workshop

Summer Workshops Bring Careers to Life for High School Students



Berkeley College summer workshop


Every summer, high school students interested in exploring careers in Fashion, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Healthcare, Business Leadership, Interior Design, or Graphic Design enroll in workshops at Berkeley locations in New York or New Jersey. The two-day workshops are open to high school juniors and seniors and include a combination of field trips and hands-on classroom projects under the guidance of a Berkeley College professor.

“The summer workshops bring careers to life for students and encourage them to think about career paths and the area of study they would like to pursue after high school,” said Gretchen Orsini-DeLellis, Berkeley College Associate Vice President, High School and Community Outreach.

Field trips connect students with business professionals

Students enrolled in the Fashion workshop learn about the many exciting and creative fields of the fashion industry. Former field trips have included visits to Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Steve Madden, and Tommy Hilfiger showrooms in New York City.

Healthcare workshop participants meet with professionals while visiting a local hospital and surgical center. At the College, students work in the healthcare labs where they practice hands-on skills such as creating a sterile field and preparing instrument trays for surgery.

Business Leadership workshop field trips have included behind-the-scenes tours of Tiffany’s Distribution Center in New Jersey and Google and the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan. Last year Criminal Justice workshop students met with judges, prosecutors, and attorneys at Essex County Courthouse and also visited the Bergen County Jail. Students interested in law enforcement were thrilled to participate in a Passaic County SWAT team drill.

A trip to an advertising agency in Manhattan last year offered students in the Graphic Design workshop an opportunity to speak with graphic designers, typographers, and visual marketers, while Interior Design students were awestruck as they learned about the architecture inside Lambert Castle and Ballantine House, both museums in New Jersey.

“The field trips are an important component of the workshops. They help students to understand how the skills they will learn in the classroom are being used every day in the workplace,” Ms. Orsini-DeLellis said.