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Berkeley College Offers Many Options for High School Graduates



Berkeley College student


Berkeley College has a variety of educational options that attract high school graduates seeking professional degrees and certificates.

Easing into a college education

Berkeley’s Certificate or Associate’s degree programs are a good fit for students not ready to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program.

“I always tell high school graduates that what matters is not whether they enroll in a Certificate, Associate’s, or Bachelor’s degree program, what matters is that they complete what they start,” said Gretchen Orsini-DeLellis, Berkeley College Associate Vice President, High School and Community Outreach.

Graduates of Certificate and Associate’s degree programs get a jumpstart on their careers and can return to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree later on.

“Sometimes these students have the advantage of returning to college with the help of an employer’s tuition reimbursement program,” Ms. Orsini-DeLellis said.

Faculty are educators and mentors

Many high school graduates are attracted to Berkeley College because it doesn’t have auditorium-sized classrooms. These students like the close contact with professors.

“At Berkeley College students study in smaller groups where faculty – most of whom have worked many years in the fields they teach – serve as career mentors as well as educators,” Ms. Orsini-DeLellis said. “This is a great benefit to students as they enter the workforce.”

Challenging Honors Program

The Honors Program at Berkeley College is an attractive option for high-achieving high school graduates looking for a small-school environment. This program challenges students through special programs, seminars, thesis presentations, and debates. In addition, Honors Scholars status can provide students with an edge when competing for jobs.

Diversity of campuses

Many high school students enroll at Berkeley College’s suburban campuses because they are close to home. And many of these students take advantage of easy access to public transportation to take a class or two at Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan.

“This is especially attractive for fashion and finance students because Manhattan is a global hub for these industries,” Ms. Orsini-DeLellis said.