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Berkeley Today Stories

Julia Hohn
March 10, 2020
After completing her Associate’s degree at a community college, Julia Hohn focused on working full time. While working, Julia began to discover the advantages she might have in the professional world by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. Motivated to take her career to the next level, Julia centered her search for schools that offered opportunities for transfer students.
Female student in cap and down at Commencement waving
December 27, 2019
Berkeley College (NY) ranked first in its category and number 21 among colleges across the nation in the Overall Mobility Index published by The New York Times in 2017. The Overall Mobility represents the likelihood that a student moved up significantly in income category.
Group of Berkeley staff and students with players from the NY Jets in front of Food Bank of NY truck
November 27, 2019
Giving back to the communities it serves has always been a tradition at Berkeley College, where students learn about social responsibility in conjunction with their career-focused education.
Empowering lives for 90 years!