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Students Sitting on Woodland Park Sign at Entrance

New Interactive Campus Tours are Now Available at Berkeley College



Students Sitting on Woodland Park Sign at Entrance


Berkeley College has announced the launch of a new interactive campus map and tour platform, available online through our website.

Each campus location at Berkeley College has its own personality as well as many amenities that enhance the educational experience. The new interactive map highlights all seven campuses in New York and New Jersey, plus Berkeley College Online®, giving visitors a feel for what the environment is really like.

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Whether you are a prospective student who wants to explore Berkeley College from a distance; a first-year student trying to navigate your way to a classroom; or a faculty member trying to locate your department’s office at another campus; the new platform will include a 3D map and tour, a host of on-campus information, as well as local attractions in the area, and parking nearby.

With just one click of a button, visitors to the site can view images of prominent campus locations including the Admissions office, Student Development and Campus Life, Center for Academic Success, the Veterans Resource Center, campus housing in White Plains, and the International Department at NYC Midtown.

Explore our campus platform at Berkeley College in a whole new way. Through the interactive map and tour, prospective students will also be able to easily apply to Berkeley College, or request further information. Visit Berkeley College today.