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Paramus Library and CAS Open House

Berkeley College Students and Staff Engage in the Latest Technology at Paramus Open House



Paramus Library and CAS Open House

The idea of hosting the Paramus Library and CAS Open House on September 10th was to promote new technology available to the Berkeley College community – across all campuses, starting in the Fall semester.

Introducing LibSearch

Paramus Library and CAS Open House Tim LuingTo commence the celebrations that took place in the library, Tim Luing, Campus Operating Officer, Paramus, led the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of LibSearch, the new library “discovery system” which provides students with a single entry point to search print and electronic books, articles, streaming media, and more.

The event was attended by approximately 30 students and staff members who stopped by to learn more about the latest department upgrades, and get additional questions answered about Canvas, a cloud-based learning management system that the College also transitioned to early this year. Visitors socialized over sandwiches and pizza, participated in several rounds of library/CAS Jeopardy, played chess, and other trivia games throughout the day.

Chelsea Zamuria, now in her second semester, said, “I think LibSearch will be better because it will be a lot easier to find everything in one place without having to go back and forth on different search engines and databases. Currently I don’t really use any other search bar other than Google, and there are a lot of fake websites out there that many professors advise against using.”

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Accessing digital magazines

The library also unveiled the release of another new product called Flipster. By downloading the Flipster App, or accessing it from the library database selection, the Berkeley community can read a selection of 14 magazines (current and back issues) in electronic format” said Maria Deptula, MA, MLIS, Library Director, Paramus. Among the titles one can find Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Consumer’s Report, Vogue, and more.

With such a wide variety of magazines to choose from on the new Flipster App, first-year student Ashley Rivas said she’s willing to “give digital reading a shot.”

Paramus Library and CAS Open House Students

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