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Student taking internship, Berkeley College

Internships 101



Student taking internship, Berkeley College


Participating in an internship while attending college can be a very important part of preparing for a career. You’ll gain hands-on experience, applying what you’ve learned in your courses to real-world situations in a professional environment. Just as importantly, it can be a great opportunity for networking. You may be able to make professional connections that can benefit you throughout your career.

Students in some programs (particularly healthcare programs) may participate in a practicum working in a clinical environment supervised by instructors and other experienced professionals. Students who are working full-time may also have the option of a job-related assignment in which they apply concepts from their course work to the projects in their current job. All programs of study at Berkeley College require a faculty-supervised internship, practicum, or job-related assignment that can help set you apart when you enter the workplace.

The Career Services department at Berkeley College works to identify and match students with internship opportunities. Many companies and organizations have worked with Berkeley interns in the past and have been pleased with their preparedness and enthusiasm. Berkeley alumni also seek current students for internships. Some students have received full-time job offers from the companies with whom they interned.