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Berkeley College Graduate Manuel Deleon

Two-time Berkeley graduate now does double duty as an entrepreneur



Berkeley College Graduate Manuel Deleon

Manuel Deleon often talks about his graduations from Berkeley College. No, that’s not an error—we mean the plural of graduation. The Newark, NJ native first earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before becoming part of the first graduating class from the Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies when he received his Master of Business Administration degree (M.B.A.) in Management.

“Going to Berkeley College for my undergraduate degree was awesome. Along with great professors, Berkeley was amazing at working with student schedules, which stood out for me. I was working both a part-time and full-time job while studying and I was able to structure a schedule to suit my needs,” recalls Manuel. “That was also a big part of the reason I went back for my Master’s.”

Berkeley College Graduate Manuel Deleon at Commencement 2013

Since his second Berkeley graduation, Manuel has been promoted to Domestic Carrier Manager for the Global Ecommerce department at Pitney Bowes. In addition, he and his brother are part owners of a brand called FabricatedLifeStyles and plan to open a store in Puerto Rico in March of 2018.

“This has been a dream of ours ever since we established the brand back in 2013,” he continued. “With the management knowledge I’ve gained at Berkeley College, I’m confident we’ll be successful.

FabricatedLifeStyles started out as a photography business before evolving into much more. The brand is now involved in music, fashion, art, and advertising. Manuel’s role is establishing relationships with new vendors and distributors, as well as marketing and brand awareness, about which he has become passionate.

Manuel’s hard work at Berkeley have inspired him in his diverse pursuits. Regarding his future plans, he is optimistic, “I am an official business owner, which is an amazing feeling. My plans for the future include growing our business while creating a unique and original brand that everyone can love. My goal is to open a store in New York within the next few years.”