"The professors, the students, and all of the faculty at Berkeley College, they have been very helpful to me. I'm very grateful to have this opportunity to be a student at Berkeley College," says Berkeley College Online student Moses Gayflor.

"The main benefit that distance learning has offered me throughout my time here at Berkeley is flexibility," says Berkeley College Online student Zennie Perry.

Berkeley College Online graduate Troy Ashby is now employed as an onboarder at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he is able to apply many of the skills he acquired as an online student, including time management and self-discipline.

"Distance learning has really played a part in my professional goals," says Berkeley College Online student Lois Lezuabah.

Reverse Order band members talk about managing online studies through Berkeley College Online®.

Berkeley College Online student Felix Llanos shares his story. "I don't think you're compromising anything in terms of education by going online," the Information Systems Management student says.